SUP YOGA: Get Your Asana on Board

SUP YOGA: Get Your Asana on Board

Get Your Asana on Board with SUP Yoga

This is not your ordinary yoga class – taking your flow to the next level 

Some of the poses – Cobra, Downward-Facing Dog, Upward-Facing Dog, Cat-Cow – may sound familiar, but this is no ordinary yoga class. You arrive at Paddleboarding London’s Camden location at The Pirate Castle and are taken outside onto the Regent’s Canal. Between the jetties, the team has set up six paddleboards anchored together. They are floating on the canal, clipped onto ropes at the nose and tail of the boards. The idea is to use the boards as mats in this outdoor floating studio and practice yoga – inhale, exhale.

The SUP yoga class is a fun way to combine a love of water and love of yoga. Novices are welcome and no previous experience is required, either of yoga or SUP. Whether you want to challenge yourself, get to the basics of breathing, improve your core strength or simply try something new, most people find a unique sense of freedom and peacefulness that comes from a yoga session out on the water.

The teachers give variations for poses. Balancing on a slightly wobbly board, you become more aware and intentional of your movements and breath. Doing yoga on a SUP engages muscles you may never have known you had. Poses can be made easier with a wider stance for a more stable base. You notice that just moving from one pose to the next requires concentration and focus. It makes you slow down instinctively. Suddenly being present in the moment becomes easy. No autopilot here!

The urban London surroundings of this SUP yoga class add an irreplaceable dimension to the experience. There are no walls or ceiling in this studio, the floor is one of London’s most beautiful stretches of water. The scenery changes with the seasons and conditions. Not far from the buzz of Camden Market, there’s a graffiti backdrop on one side, narrowboats cruising past and people relaxing on the canal-side. Yet, you’re able to find inner stillness right here in the centre of London.

So, yoga on a paddle board? Absolutely. If you haven’t tried this wonderful fusion yet on Regent’s Canal in London, it’s time to get started. Classes available again from April 2019.

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