Paddleboarding FAQs

First time on board?  Not to worry – read on for some of our most FAQs.


Q.  Will I Fall In?

A.  Possibly!  Though we will give you all our best advice and techniques for staying on board there is always the possibility that you will fall in so plan accordingly.  In our sessions about 1 in 20 people on average end up going for a dip. 


Q.  What Should I Wear?

A.  Wear comfortable clothes that you can move about easily in and that you don’t mind getting wet.  Shorts and/or leggings are a great option.  The boards will sometimes get a bit wet and we are often moving between kneeling and standing up so clothes can get a bit wet.  An old pair of trainers, sandals or wet shoes as footwear are recommended. 

We don’t recommend wearing hard soled shoes, eg Birkenstocks, Crocks etc) as they can add an extra challenge to standing/kneeling.  Wet shoes are really the best option and can be bought at many high street sports shops or online retailers.  They also are great for stony beaches so can be used for other purposes.  

If you’re wearing long earrings or large necklace(s) we may ask you to remove them for the trip as they can interfere with self-rescue. 


Q.  Do I Need to Know how to Swim?

A. Although you will be provided with safety equipment, including a PFD and leash, you must be comfortable around water and be able to swim at least 25 meters.  The canal is not very deep and we are never far from a safe edge but it always helps to be confident in your ability to be safe in the water.


Q.  Do I Need to Bring Anything?

A. We provide all necessary SUP equipment, including board, paddle, leash and PFD. Bring a towel and a change of clothes, in case you take a dip. Most importantly, bring your sense of adventure.


Q.  Can I bring my children with me?

A.  Our minimum age is 14.  Sadly, we’re unable to accommodate children under this age and we don’t allow ‘riders’ on the boards.  Teens between 14-16 need to be accompanied by a responsible adult or guardian at no more than a 1:2 ration (eg one adult for up to two teens).  From 17+ teens are welcome in group sessions solo.


Q.  Can I bring my camera/go-pro etc?

A.  We always bring phones on board for taking photos of the trips so that you can relax and enjoy the session.  If you choose to bring along a camera/phone/Go-pro you are welcome to but of course it’s at your own risk.


Q.  What Happens if it Rains?

A.  If there is light rain we can (and often will!) carry on with the session.  In the event of heavy rain and/or strong winds it may be necessary for us to cancel a session.  If that happens you will be given the opportunity to reschedule or for a full refund.  Please note, if sessions are running as scheduled and you choose not to come due to weather then that will be considered a ‘no show’ and not eligible for a refund.


Q.  Can I bring my dog with me?

A.  We love dogs and love to see them on board with their humans however if you have not taken your dog on board with you before you will need to book a private session with us first before booking into group lessons.


Q: Do you also do rentals?

A: Unfortunately not. We want you to get the full experience with a qualified coach who knows the area.


Q: What if I’ve never paddled before?

A: Our lessons are designed for the absolute beginner. We have a safety brief and go through the basics on-land before launching onto the water. We start by kneeling down, learn to steer the board and proceed to standing when you’re ready. It’s easier than you think!


Q: Do you provide gift vouchers?

A: Yes. Treat someone to a Paddleboarding London gift voucher, an ideal present for any time of the year. The vouchers are valid for the season during which they are purchased for any activity we offer. T&C’s apply.


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