SUP Yoga classes are traditional yoga classes taught on the water on floating boards (SUP= Stand-Up Paddleboards). The boards are wide and sturdy – usually larger than your yoga mat!  Join us at our open air studio where we work with all the elements, sun, wind, water and occasionally even the rain. You’ll enhance your practice and the overall yoga experience by learning to adapt to the motion of the board, the continuous challenge to balance and the unpredictable instability sometimes created by external energy (wake) or the shifting of body weight.  Your single point of focus becomes more clear on the board and you will maximise your core stability throughout the class.  A true yoga flow, the classes will challenge and energise before ending with a relaxing moving meditation utilising the gentle rocking of the water.

Classes run regularly starting from April to October from our beautiful St Katharine Docks location.  We can also offer private or group SUP Yoga sessions, perfect for hen dos, birthday parties or a group get together.


Benefits of SUP Yoga

  • Challenge your core strength & stability – the added instability of being on a paddleboard will help you understand what ‘engaging your core’ really means – without having to exert extra effort.

  • Improve your overall strength & flexibility – while yoga is not a traditional exercise class, there’s no doubt that increased strength & flexibility come hand-in-hand with a regular practice.  SUP Yoga takes this up a notch with greater engagement of major muscle groups and more reliance on equal distribution of weight.

  • Build better balance & coordination – better balance is a key indicator of longterm health and wellness.  SUP Yoga can help to bolster balance and coordination with increased awareness of proprioception and spatial awareness.

  • Connect with nature – there’s nothing quite like the feeling of moving slowly through a yoga practice whilst balancing on a board in peaceful surroundings.  What’s even more incredible, is how peaceful you will feel even in a more urban setting like our SUP Yoga studio in central London.

  • Enhance calm and serenity – Feel the stresses of the day float away as you climb on board and start to tune in to the gentle rocking of the board, the sound of the water, wind in the trees and a bit of birdsong in the background.

  • Create a feeling of confidence and capability – Moving out of one’s comfort zone is the fastest way to build confidence and create a feeling of accomplishment. Overcoming fears, in our safe and encouraging environment, will leave you feeling on top of the world.

Ready to Book? 

See our schedule below or check out our SUP Yoga FAQs blog post here.   You can also find out about Group lessons (great for hen dos and birthdays), Private lessons and SUP Yoga teacher training by clicking below.  

2023 SUP Yoga Schedule

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