First Time on a Paddleboard?  Here’s Our Top Tips for Not Falling In

First Time on a Paddleboard? Here’s Our Top Tips for Not Falling In

Top Tips for Not Falling in While Paddleboarding

New to SUP? If you’re like most of our new paddleboarders then you’re probably thinking, ‘How likely is it that I will fall off the paddleboard?’

The honest answer is not very likely at all, but it does happen, occasionally. Here are our best tips for avoiding it:

1. Attitude is Key
Adopt the attitude that falling is not a failure. Thinking about it too much will just make you stressed out and stiffer than necessary. Corny as it may sound, ‘going with the flow’ will help you feel at home on your paddleboard more quickly.

2. Strike a (Paddle) Pose
Position yourself correctly on the board, usually by the carry handle. Keep your feet parallel to each other at around shoulder-width apart. Surf-stance may look cool, but it does make balancing harder.

3. Pace Yourself
Stay kneeling until you’re comfortable with manoeuvring the board. When getting up to standing, keep your weight evenly distributed and do not lean to either side.

4. Start Paddling
Put the paddle in the water as soon as you’re standing up on the board. The blade immersed in water increases your stability, think of it as a third point of balance.

5. Look Where You’re Heading…
Look forward and not down at your feet. The body follows where you look. Find a focus point and start paddling.

6. …And Relax!
Congratulations! You’re up and paddleboarding. Try to relax as much as you can. It’s just SUP. Gently wiggle your toes if you have shaky legs. It’s a perfectly normal fight or flight instinct kicking in. Getting up and down a few times may help.

7. Be Careful, Be Kind
Be mindful of others you share the water with. Keep a safe distance from your SUP buddies and communicate with each other. No bumping, please.

At Paddleboarding London we love teaching newbies about this great sport. SUP can be enjoyed by people old and young but like any sport or activity, the more you practice the better you become! Remember to have fun out there – and show us your favourite paddle places @paddleboardinglondon

Do you have any other top tips for beginners to balance on a SUP?

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