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Paddleboarding London has partnered with UOcean in 2024 to join the fight of keeping our waterways clean.  Our rivers, canals and the sea have been making news for all the wrong reasons lately with waste run off and pollution causing major problems.  We need to take action to make this stop, hold corporate companies responsible who are adding to the problem and look after our local ecosystems.



What Can Be Done?

It might seem like an impossible mission to make an impact but we believe that change happens one person at a time.  Our monthly litter picks may only be temporary fixes but each time we’re out there cleaning up we’re raising awareness and helping educate our neighbours about the how we can help to preserve and protect our waterways.

Are you ready to join the clean up team?

We’re always looking for extra hands to help with our litter picks.  We started out with the idea of doing one a month rotating around each of our locations and soon realised that wasn’t enough.  Now we’re on a mission to hold monthly clean ups and all of our locations.  That’s 48 litter picks each year.

To accomplish our mission we need your help.

You can sign up to join one of our free monthly litter picks and come along to help and we also offer the option for companies to sponsor a litter pick – either with our without providing manpower. 


2024 Public Litter Pick Dates

More dates and locations TBC

Be sure to follow us @Instagram and @Facebook for date announcements.

19 May – HACKNEY


21 July CAMDEN

18 August HACKNEY

22 September – ISLINGTON


3 November – CAMDEN

1st December Christmas Clean Up  – ALL LOCATIONS





I'm new to paddling, can I still join?

These sessions are for experienced paddlers only as we’re focussed on collecting as much litter as possible.  However, you CAN join as a towpath picker where you’ll have just as much impact on clearing.  

Do I need any special equipment?

We’ll provide you with everything you need from board, paddle, leash, buoyancy aid and litter picking equipment.

I'm not a member of your club, can I still attend?

Yes, these sessions are open to all competent paddlers.   

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